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Job listing Company Job type Last day of application
Samlink: Cloud & Infrastructure Engineer aTalent Recruiting Part-time
Samlink: Network Engineer aTalent Recruiting Part-time
EP-Logistics: Junior-konsultti EP-Logistics Part-time
Sjukskötare, Forsby seniorcenter Helsingfors stad, Social- och hälsovårdssektorn Full-time
Koordinator, Teaterhuset Universum Universum rf Part-time
Junior Software Developers for Model IT in Helsinki Model IT Oy Full-time
Sales Manager, Full-time
Financial Assistant, kokoaikainen, Helsinki Studentwork Full-time
Närvårdare/Sjukskötare Palvelutalo Villa Ensi Oy Part-time
Projektipäällikkö sähköverkkojen pariin, Netel Oy Netel / Academic Work Full-time

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