Are you looking for a job or work placement? Do you know how to look for a job in Finland? How to prepare for an interview or how to write a resume?

Now you’re offered a chance to get some advice on the how to prepare for looking for a job efficiently in Finland. Career and recruitment consultant Christel Isberg offers advice and hints on how to communicate, what is important in a resume and how to prepare for meeting a possible employer. Here you’ll learn who to look for a job efficiently!

First year students in media culture (MK16) have within the course introduction to media production on a request from the communications department produced the videos in efficient job seeking.

How to look for a job in Finland? – An introduction

Career and recruitment consultant Christel Isberg helps you find getting started with looking for a job in Finland. You get an insight in to questions like Do you have to know Finnish? Where do you start looking for a job? And how to emphasize your strengths when meeting a possible employer.

How to write a resume

What is a resume? What is important when writing a resume? What is a professional e-mail address? If you are thinking about looking for a job and don’t yet have a resume, you’ll get good hints on what you should think about in this video from the Career and recruitment consultant Christel Isberg.

How to look for a job in Finland

Looking for a job is a long and hard-working process. You need to find the proper platforms and know your rights and where to look for open vacancies. Hear career and recruitment consultant Christel Isberg replying questions like what to consider presenting yourself online? What about Linkedin – how do you use that? The application – what should be in it?

The job interview

Career and recruitment consultant gives you advice on how to prepare for a job interview. In this video you’ll also get to know what kind of job interviews you might be called to or what you should consider about your appearance in an interview.