Do you want to make a career as an entrepreneur, build a network or aim to start working in a startup? Are you looking for a job in tech or thinking about starting your own company? At these organisations below, you are able to get support, build a network or enhance your employability in different ways. Check these opportunities out. 




Maria 01 is a non-profit combination of an entrepreneurial community, a selective campus for tech teams and a technology builders club. We provide the most thriving environment for ambitious tech startups, venture capitalists and large enterprises in the tech community helping each other succeed. 

Arcada alumna Jessica Blechingberg, Chief Network Officer at Maria01, guides you into the world of Maria01.


The Shortcut

Emerging from the tech ecosystem in 2016, The Shortcut has become the largest talent accelerator in the Nordics. A sister organisation to Slush, Maria01, Junction, and Wave Ventures, The Shortcut is a not-for-profit talent accelerator dedicated to enhancing and expanding the startup community in the Nordics. With a robust set of community, employment and skill-stacking services, The Shortcut’s main objective is to scale services that allow partners to acquire the right talent, retain the best people, and expand employees’ skill sets to facilitate entrepreneurship, growth and innovation. Located in Maria01, The Shortcut is at the epicentre of the Nordics’ startup community.

Stefan Cave, Talent Development Specialist at The Shortcut, introduces you the possibilities The Shortcut can offer you.