Företagsekonomi, Övriga

Job description summary: 

KÄÄPÄ Forest is leading the Chaga growing industry for Finland.  We are the largest Chaga growing network in the world, with over 200 forest owners and 60,000 kgs of dried chaga produced every year.  Join on as the lead responsible person for this division with complete budgetary and staff management duties.  You will report directly to the CEO of KÄÄPÄ Biotech.  The job will involve some travel, and time spent in the forest.  You will also be responsible for further developing and managing the program details which include: sales, marketing, key account management, and program development.  The growth and development of this division will be in your hands.  


Job duties:

  • Manage the sales team and the Inoculation team leader and support their growth and work.
  • Develop a budget annually for the program
  • Manage key sales accounts personally
  • Taking responsibility for sales goals
  • Participate in interviews, news articles etc. about the program
  • Communicate to key partners - i.e. Luke, Pro Pakuri, FSC, etc.
  • Further develop the service and products to be the best possible
  • Work with our Communications Manager to develop communication and marketing strategies


Required skills and qualifications:

  • Experience with the Forest Industry is appreciated but not necessary
  • Finnish and English language skills are required
  • Prior sales experience is a must
  • Ability to lead the larger goals with an eye for details - we want this division running smoothly
  • Good computer skills and capacity to learn new programs is a must
  • Emotional Intelligence is very helpful in managing all the different stakeholder groups 


Salary & benefits:

Salary will be a combination of share options and monthly compensation tailored to experience and skill set of applicant.  All employees receive a discount on products as well as free mushroom extracts to keep you healthy.


About KÄÄPÄ Biotech, KÄÄPÄ Health, and KÄÄPÄ Forest :

We are a 3 year old company committed to making both humans and ecosystems more healthy with the use of fungi.  We take a biotech vision when designing our innovative solutions.  We are the largest cultivator of chaga mushroom, have our own extraction product line for both consumers and b2b sales, and we closely work on bringing to market cutting edge research.  Our company culture is demanding yet rewarding, fast paced at times and relaxed at times, research focused, open, inclusive, and forward thinking.  We expect the most out of people who join our existing 20 person team.


For more information:

Eric Puro, CEO

Email eric.puro(at)kaapabiotech.com

Phone +358 50 595 7716

Please send your application to eric.puro(at)kaapabiotech.com by 14.03.2021