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Education Programs in Africa

Art in Tanzania
Kari Korhonen
Företagets adress: 
Umoja Road, Block 2Q
Madame Village
P.O. Box 23333 Dar es Salaam
Madale -6.672045, 39.144231 and 6.40'19.4"S - 39"08"39.2"E
Arbetets art: 
3 months
Arbetet börjar: 
Sista ansökningsdag: 

Summary Art in Tanzania focuses on to help educational tasks in nursery, primary and secondary schools in Tanzania as well as adult vocational training. The schools we help are mostly poor village schools. Interns help to develop the primary education and also conduct advocacy work. Details Art in Tanzania Educational program is part of our Children’s Agenda approach implemented by a coalition including UNICEF, Save the Children and others. We work in village nursery, primary and secondary schools but we also run adult vocational training where the focal point are the women. Program also includes classes for children living with disabilities. Participants are specifically needed to cover subjects where the schools are weak. Areas of development include English, arts and music, mathematics and sports teaching. Interns also advocate in subjects as HIV/AIDS, health and hygiene. We also highlight teacher-training activities. Tools in the classrooms are scarce also the classrooms size can be 40 students up. Energetic and innovative teachers are needed. This is ongoing program and we can adjust the starting dates. The working hours are 6-8 hours per day from Monday to Friday. Mrs. Sonja Lauren tutors the work. Interns are working in a team of international and Tanzanian multi professional intern teams. We encourage innovation in the program approach. We pay the Tanzanian minimum wage of USD 100 per month or we offer a stipend depending on the internship terms and regulations of your university. For immigration, accommodation and other issues please contact us at Terms: Application: Web page: Facebook page: Blog: Pinterest: Twitter: Linkedln: